Finger Painting HD Quick User Guide

Lunedì 21 Giugno 2010 22:05 Gianluca Natalini

Finger Painting HD Quick Users Guide


  1. Introduction to Finger Painting
  2. Finger Painting drawing window
  3. Finger Painting color palette and color picker selection windows
  4. Save drawing to Finger Painting “Design Archive”
  5. Drawing on a “Photo Albums” picture


I am working to give to "Finger Painting"/"Finger Painting HD" all the functionalities you need.
If you need new features please send me an email using the link:
(specify "Finger Painting: request for new features" into the "Oggetto del messaggio" text field)
Every feature requested will be added with a free update to the product.
Thank you for your collaboration.


ver. 1.87 to 1.91

Finger Painting & Finger Painting HD Quick Users Guide - EN PDF

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