Teigha File Converter

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Teigha® File Converter

Teigha File Converter is a free cross-platform application provided by the ODA to end users only for the conversion of .dwg and .dxf files to/from different versions. The application features a graphical interface and a command-line interface, and accepts the following inputs:

Upon execution, the application identifies all files in the specified source directory which match the specified filter, then loads and saves each of these files to the specfied output directory as the specified output version/type.  If the audit flag is enabled, an audit/repair operation will be applied to each file as it is loaded. If the recurse flag is enabled, subdirectories within the source directory will be processed recursively.

Platform Support

Teigha File Converter is available for the following platforms:

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Teigha® File Converter





How to use TEIGHA FILE CONVERTER to convert Your .dwg files into .dxf files to be used with FingerCAD (HD, WS, PRO):



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