VR Models Manager Quick Users Guide

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VR Models Manager Quick Users Guide

Using VR Models Manager you can load and visualize all your 3D models (created for example with Blender, FingerCAD, Finger3D, etc...) in virtual reality (using the monitor of the device or a commercial VR VISOR).

First of all you have to create the 3D models, in this example with Blender:


Use UV mapping to add textures to your model as shown in the picture (copy the texture file in the same path of blender project file).

Once the model is complete press on: File -> Export -> Wavefront (.obj):


Follow the yellow arrows to set right OBJ + MTL file format:


The Path Mode must be set to "Relative" (this will set the right texture path in the MTL file).

Press Export OBJ (up right) to save the MUG.obj file in the same path of blender project file (in the same path where you have saved the texture)...

If You have many textures use a subfolder to save all the texture's files (subfolder of the path of blender project file) and save the MUG.obj file in the same path of blender project file (so You will have the file MUG.obj and the folder containing all the textures in the same path).

Connect your iPad or iPhone to Your MAC or PC (USB cable) and open iTunes:



Open VR Models Manager app on your iPad or iPhone and press the button with the folder icon; the list of the 3D models stored in the archive of VR Models Manager will be displayed:



The 3D MODEL will be displayed...
AR Models Manager



Press the VR VISOR button (pic. 1) and insert Your device into a commercial VR VISOR to visualize the 3D model in CINEMA 3D mode, with the perception of the depth of the 3D model.

Press the ANIMATION button (pic. 2) to enable 3D model animation (rotation around Y axis).


This is an example of commercial VR VISOR called "VR BOX":



You can load another 3D model by repeating the above procedure.




- rotate the camera around the 3D model (by dragging a finger on the screen) -> rotate the 3D model around its vertical or lateral axes

- move the camera to the right or left (by dragging two fingers on the screen) -> move left / right / up / down the 3D model

- move the camera forward or backward (by dragging three fingers vertically on the screen) -> move the 3D model closer and further away

- rotate the camera around its horizontal axis (ROLL - rotating two fingers on the screen) -> rotate the 3D model around its front axis

- change the camera's FOV (field of view) (pinching the screen with two fingers)

- restore the initial settings of the camera (double touch with a finger)



- you can add a background/sky to the scene (horizon) by inserting for example a cylinder or a cube (with texture) in the scene, with radius/side large enough to contain the scene (the texture of the cylinder/cube will be your background/sky)

- you can build models of mountains, trees, rivers, lakes, streams, etc... and insert them in the scene to enrich the landscape

- you can add houses, cars, motorcycles, people, birds, etc...

- you can add to the scene any object you want, designed by You using 3D modelers (or purchased on the Internet: all formats compatible with SceneKit can be used such as OBJ (with MTL and TEXTURE with relative path), SCN, STL, etc...)



3D models can be stored into VR Models Manager also using Open In (from an email attachment or from another app like for example the file manager "iFolders Safe" or "unzip + zip & send" or "megaDownloader Web Browser (HD)" or "Dropbox").

Use Open In to import OBJ3D models from FingerCAD or Finger3D apps.

FILE SHARING: iTunes File Sharing - Help



VR Models Manager is compatible with wavefront .obj 3D models libraries. You can find and download them from the web.

For example:

VR Models Manager: compatible 3D "obj" models - web link

You can use for example the app "unzip + zip & send" to unzip and store in the device memory all the obj models library and import them/use into VR Models Manager app:

"3DModels" direct download web link (all the 3D models are created by Sweet Home 3D contributors and are property of eTeks, © Copyrights 2006-2013  - All rights reserved).


VR Models Manager is compatible with the standard 3D models libraries (FREE or COMMERCIAL):


Once all the desired 3D models are imported into VR Models Manager, repeating the above procedure, you can:


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