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Home Entertainment AR Solar System PRO AR Solar System PRO Quick Users Guide

AR Solar System PRO Quick Users Guide

AR Solar System PRO Quick Users Guide

AR Solar System PRO


AR Solar System PRO turns your device into a telescope in augmented reality for the observation of the planets of the Solar System.


The planets available for observation are:

Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, Eris.


Below on the screen are displayed the planets cards: choose and place a planet or several planets in the scene using the planet cards or place all the planets of the Solar System (scale model) by pressing the card named "SOLAR SYSTEM".

You can place the planets in your home (in the air, on the floor, on a table, on a wall, on any horizontal surface) or outside the home (ex. open sky)...


Walk in the scene with your legs moving between the planets (like travel in space) and observe them with your device like a telescope:

- approaching the planet you will see more details such as craters, valleys, plains, mountain ranges, etc...

- moving away from the planet, you will see the planet entirely or more planets together

- turning around the planet you can see the side of interest or simulate the flight of a spaceship orbiting the planet

- by moving over or under the planet you will be able to observe its poles

- etc…


Interacting manually with the planets you can:

- Move the planet in the real scene (pan gesture: dragging a finger on the planet)

- Enlarge and shrink the planet (pinch gesture: pinching the planet)

- Rotate the planet around its axis of rotation (rotation gesture: rotating the planet with two fingers); manual rotation deactivates the automatic one

- Remove the planet from the scene (long press gesture: holding a finger on the planet for half a second)

- Add a new planet to the scene by touching the desired position (using horizontal plane in real world or feature points)

- Select a planet from the scene and display its characteristics (double tap gesture: tap a planet twice with a finger)


Background of the scene:

in the presence of light in the real world the milky way and the stars (deep space) are projected as the background of the planets on the walls of the house or in the sky if you are outdoors;

in the absence of light (or covering the camera with a finger) moving in the scene will seem to travel in deep space (virtual reality feature… the real world will be removed from the scene).


Planets data:

For each planet data are available such as size, rotation period, period of revolution, type of atmosphere, gravity, etc... to see the planet info select a planet using double tap and read the planet data displayed below on the screen.



The software uses the information available on the planets of the Solar System to animate the rotations of the planets: every second corresponds to one hour, each planet rotates at the real speed, in the direction of real rotation.


AR Solar System PRO app preview:

- app preview 1
- app preview 2


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