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  • Primes   ( 1 Articolo )



    In mathematics the prime numbers (also called “primes”) are natural numbers greater than 1, divisible only by 1 and by themselves.

    Primes + is a mathematical game of search of natural numbers that added together give as result prime numbers.

    For each level of the game, will be shown:
    - a TABLE of prime numbers formed by 30 prime numbers (that will change at every level of the game)
    - a MAP formed by 16 boxes containing natural numbers which, added together, will give as result at least 5 primes among those listed in the TABLE of prime numbers

    In the TABLE, primes will be highlighted:
    - in red if it exists in the MAP at least one combination (sum) of natural numbers that give as result the prime number highlighted in red (there is certainly a combination in the MAP)
    - in blue if it is not certain that there is in the MAP a combination (sum) of natural numbers that give as result the prime number highlighted in blue (may or may not exist a combination in the MAP)

    An automatic calculator (indicated by SUM) will assist You in the sum of natural numbers that You have selected in the MAP (combination).

    For each level, You will have 3 minutes of time to find 5 primes among those listed in the TABLE of prime numbers: so, you'll have to find 5 combinations of natural numbers in the MAP that will give as result 5 distinct prime numbers.

    This game increases the visual memory and the speed for mathematical calculation.
    It will also help You to store a large amount of prime numbers.
    Your game records can be shared with your friends on Facebook.

    Show to the world your math skills!



    In matematica i numeri primi (chiamati anche “primes”) sono numeri naturali, maggiori di 1, divisibili solamente per 1 e per loro stessi.

    Primes + è un gioco matematico di ricerca dei numeri naturali che, sommati fra loro, danno come risultato numeri primi.

    Per ogni livello di gioco verranno mostrate:
    - una TABELLA dei numeri primi formata da 30 numeri primi (che cambieranno ad ogni livello di gioco)
    - una MAPPA formata da 16 caselle contenenti numeri naturali che, sommati tra di loro, dovranno dare come risultato almeno 5 numeri primi tra quelli elencati nella TABELLA dei numeri primi

    Nella TABELLA i numeri primi verranno evidenziati:
    - in rosso se esiste nella MAPPA almeno una combinazione (somma) di numeri naturali che danno come risultato il numero primo evidenziato in rosso (esiste certamente una combinazione nella MAPPA)
    - in blu se non è certo che esista nella MAPPA una combinazione (somma) di numeri naturali che danno come risultato il numero primo evidenziato in blu (può esistere o può non esistere una combinazione nella MAPPA)

    Una calcolatrice automatica (indicata con SUM) vi assisterà nella somma dei numeri naturali da voi selezionati nella MAPPA (combinazione).

    Per ogni livello avrete a disposizione 3 minuti di tempo per trovare 5 numeri primi tra quelli elencati nella TABELLA dei numeri primi: dovrete quindi trovare 5 combinazioni di numeri naturali nella MAPPA che diano come risultato 5 numeri primi distinti.

    Questo gioco accresce la memoria visiva e la velocità di calcolo matematico.
    Vi farà inoltre memorizzare una grande quantità di numeri primi.
    I vostri record di gioco potranno essere condivisi con i vostri amici su Facebook.

    Mostrate al mondo intero le vostre abilità matematiche!


  • Water - panic in the city   ( 1 Articolo )

    Water - panic in the city

    Water - panic in the city is a game of skill remake of a famous LCD game of the past.

    Because of an abnormal storm, the city was submerged by the waters...
    You have to help the biker to reach the road, avoiding ending up in the sea.

    Have fun!

    - Three game levels: EASY, NORMAL, HARD
    - Automatic management of records
    - Game pause
    - Sounds typical of LCD games of the past

  • Calcio a molla   ( 2 articoli )

    Calcio a molla

    The Calcio a molla game is here again!
    Switch on your memories and emotions of the past...
    If you loved this game, don't miss the chance to have it always with you, in your portable device, to challenge your friends at any time and organize the football tournaments with the most fun table game of all time.

    Game modes:
    - "Human VS Computer"
    - "Human VS Human"

    App type:

  • Vibrometer   ( 1 Articolo )


    Vibrometer is a game that measures the vibrations of the human body.
    With Vibrometer you can challenge your friends and win if your body is more motionless than the bodies of the other players.
    Stretch the arms forward, keeping the device in one hand and press the button “START" ... keep the device as motionless as possible (from START until TIMEOUT).
    Who consumes less energy wins the challenge.
    Vibrometer can also be used as a tool for measuring vibration by activating the "recording"... the tool will automatically calculate the minimum and maximum vibration along the axes x,y,z, the energy consumed and record the instantaneous values of the accelerations. These data will be saved for later use. Acceleration data recorded can also be displayed graphically.

    For professional use (seismograph), it is recommended to use the "myVibrometer" app.

    - Measuring vibration in real time
    - Counter for consumed energy
    - Vibrations recording function
    - Calculation of minimum and maximum vibration along the axes x, y, z
    - Multiplayer game (wins the challenge the player who makes the device vibrate less)
    - Chart of accelerations recorded along the axes x,y,z
    - Zoom for accelerations diagram
    - Ability to save the diagrams of accelerations in the "Photo Album" of the device
    - Diagrams of accelerations can be sent by email

  • Nuclear Defence   ( 2 articoli )

    Nuclear Defence

    In a world destroyed by greed and arrogance, evil men "the destroyers" using the nuclear energy and the cooperation of mysterious alien forces have taken the control of all the planets in the Alpha galaxy, populated by the human race. A group of brave men “the commanders" united by their friendship and the dream of bringing peace in the Alpha system, have guided the last military forces in a desperate attempt to defend their galaxy from the alien fire and from the the violent nuclear attacks of the destroyers. The moment of truth has arrived. The final battle is about to begin…

    Commander, the fate of your planet and of the the Alpha galaxy are in your hands!

    - Nuclear war with realistic graphics and special effects
    - Strategic Command of the defense units
    - Energy management of combat units
    - Multiple and parallel fire for selected units
    - Bombs
    - Game pause
    - Automatic management of the score, of the number of shots and of the number of destroyed enemy units
    - Immersive sounds
    - Beautiful soundtracks
    - Multi-touch interface

  • RoundPairs   ( 2 articoli )


    RoundPairs is a timed skill game where you have to choose flying objects of the same shape or the same color, touching them with your fingers while moving across the sky in three dimensions.
    With "RoundPairs" you get the feeling of flying in wonderful surreal atmospheres, surrounded by music and soothing sounds and engaging.
    To get them through the levels you'll have to be faster than the time that will flow incessantly and fastest of the objects that will fly faster and faster in the multicolored skies; sometime special items will help you... but all the while maintaining what is the real aim of the game: free your mind and make you spend moments of relaxation.

    The world of "RoundPairs" is waiting.

    - Multi-touch game
    - 11 amazing soundtracks
    - Special effects
    - 10 levels (+ 1 final special level)
    - Relaxing effect

    Select flying pairs with the same shape or color

    1. Touch with one finger: select/deselect a flying object (the selected object will be highlighted by a white rect)
    2. Drag one finger on the screen: deselect all the selected objects
    3. Touch with two fingers: deselect all the selected objects / select together two flying objects

    1. Yellow stars: tap on them and all the flying objects in the sky will disappear and will become game score
    2. Red stars: tap on them to recharge your energy

    1. Increase: if pairs with the same shape or color are selected
    2. Increase: if a yellow star is selected
    3. Decrease: with time
    4. Decrease: if wrong pairs are selected

    when you lost all the energy

    when you will reach the end of all the game levels

    1. Game menu
    2. Game pause
    3. Resume game

  • Revolver Shot   ( 1 Articolo )

    Revolver Shot

    Revolver Shot is a multiplayer simulation game of target shooting: load a single bullet in the gun, quickly rotates the drum, pull the trigger...
    In case of fire the player loses its tin and consequently it is disqualified.
    Wins the game the player who mantains his tin on the table, when all the other tins were hit.

    Turn your device into a toy gun and you hope that your tin remains the last standing on the table... Have fun!

    - Simulation of a toy gun
    - Multiplayer 1 to 4 players
    - Automatic management of the game (player's turn, players not disqualified, tins not yet hit)
    - Realistic audio/video animations

  • Parachute   ( 1 Articolo )


    "ParachuteGN" is a game of skill remake of a famous game of the past. With “Parachute” you will have to help the floating robot to save the parachutists from the piranha.


    - Pause
    - Menu
    - Game with multiple levels of difficulty
    - Reset and restart game
    - Automatic record management

  • Octopus   ( 1 Articolo )


    "Octopus" is an LCD arcade-style skill game.

    You'll have to help the diver to recover the treasure hidden in the cave and guarded by a giant octopus, being careful not to get caught by his tentacles.





    - EASY, NORMAL, HARD game mode

    - Many game levels

    - Menu

    - Game Pause

    - Game Reset/Restart

    - Record management

  • ApplePie   ( 1 Articolo )


    "ApplePieGN" is a game of skill remake of a famous game of the past. With “ApplePie” you will have to guide the robot in order to collect necessary apples to the preparation of an apple cake.


    - Pause
    - Menu
    - Game with multiple levels of difficulty
    - Reset and restart game
    - Automatic record management

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