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  • AR Solar System PRO   ( 2 articoli )

    AR Solar System PRO

    AR Solar System PRO turns your device into a telescope in augmented reality for the observation of the planets of the Solar System.

    Choose and place a planet or several planets in the scene: in your home (in the air, on the floor, on a table, on a wall, on any horizontal surface) or outside the home (ex. open sky)...

    Observe the planets of our Solar System as you've never seen them before!


    The planets available for observation are:

    Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, Eris


    The software uses the information available on the planets of the Solar System to animate the rotations of the planets: every second corresponds to one hour, each planet rotates at the real speed, in the direction of real rotation.

    For each planet data are available such as size, rotation period, period of revolution, type of atmosphere, gravity, etc...


    Walk in the scene with your legs moving between the planets (like travel in space) and observe them with your device like a telescope:

    - approaching the planet you will see more details such as craters, valleys, plains, mountain ranges, etc...

    - moving away from the planet, you will see the planet entirely or more planets together

    - turning around the planet you can see the side of interest or simulate the flight of a spaceship orbiting the planet

    - by moving over or under the planet you will be able to observe its poles

    - etc…


    Interacting manually with the planets you can:

    - Move the planet in the real scene (pan gesture: dragging a finger on the planet)

    - Enlarge and shrink the planet (pinch gesture: pinching the planet)

    - Rotate the planet around its axis of rotation (rotation gesture: rotating the planet with two fingers); manual rotation deactivates the automatic one

    - Remove the planet from the scene (long press gesture: holding a finger on the planet for half a second)

    - Add a new planet to the scene by touching the desired position (using horizontal plane in real world or feature points)

    - Select a planet from the scene and display its characteristics (double tap gesture: tap a planet twice with a finger)


    Background of the scene:

    in the presence of light in the real world the milky way and the stars (deep space) are projected as the background of the planets on the walls of your house or in the sky if you are outdoors;

    in the absence of light (or covering the camera with a finger) moving in the scene will seem to travel in deep space (virtual reality feature… the real world will be removed from the scene).


    Useful for all those who love to observe the planets of the Solar System in every detail, for teachers, scholars, students, astronomers, etc...



    - You pay only once and run on all your devices

  • Chiodini Painting   ( 2 articoli )

    Chiodini Painting HD

    Chiodini Painting is a famous table game based on the inclusion of colored tacks in the appropriate spaces provided in the "perforated board" for realizing figures/drawings/images.

    With "Chiodini Painting" you can draw what you want or by entering freely 2500 possible tacks or using a photo (semitransparent) and applying the tacks over it.

    For example, you can:

    1) Choose an image from your "Photo Album" (you can choose all the photos you've saved on the device - if you want you can also use "Finger Painting" to design the background images)

    2) Use colored tacks over the image (choosing the colored tacks with the same colors of the background image)

    3) Remove the background image and save / print / send with an email your painting


    1) 2500 tacks (colors selectable from color palette)

    2) Automatic saving of the current painting

    3) TIME MACHINE: with the ability to go back in time from the last to the first changes (also in the subsequent sessions of using the program)

    4) Automatic loading at boot of the last painting (current painting)

    5) Pan, Zoom (to increase the details or the view or move the view in the painting area)

    6) Save design as JPG

    7) Ability to send work via email

    8) Draw in full-screen mode

    9) Orientation: Portrait e Landscape

  • Stroboscope   ( 2 articoli )


    Stroboscope turns your iPhone / iTouch in:
    1) strobe-light (regular or multi-light effect)
    2) psychedelic light
    3) torch for the night
    4) light for the SOS
    4) an alarm clock (indicating the time and date)

    The strobe flash rate is adjustable using the speed control just like in real strobe light lamps.
    In Multi-light modality the flashes color of the strobe-lamp will change over time.
    Amaze your friends in clubs, at parties, at night with the effects of light flickering.

    Stroboscope can also be used as a torch in the night to help users in low light conditions, as emergency lamp (SOS) or psychedelic light.
    The TORCH uses the "CAMERA FLASH LIGHT", if it is available.

    Stroboscope can be used as a common alarm clock with date and time:
    1) Program the alarm (Stroboscope will automatically go into night mode - light "off" - clock time, date and alarm time "on")
    2) At the hour of alarm Stroboscope will emit an alarm sound (touch the screen to turn off the alarm - the sound will stop automatically after 120 seconds) and will automatically turn on the lamp of the torch to light the bedroom and facilitate the awakening
    3) The alarm clock runs also if the application and the device are shutdown (it uses the notification system with an "old alarm clock" sound effect)

    - Strobe light
    - Strobe frequency control
    - Emergency lamp shutdown
    - Every color of the lamp can be chosen
    - Sequential Multi light mode
    - Psychedelic lights function
    - Emergency lamp (SOS)
    - Fullscreen lamp light
    - Multicolor torch
    - Alarm clock with time and date
    - Barometer

  • Girandole   ( 2 articoli )


    Girandole transforms your device a pinwheel. If you like the pinwheel, if your child asks you always a new pinwheel, this application is the right one. You can choose the pinwheel that you like and run it automatically by pressing the button "wind" or push the pinwheel with a finger to rotate: more you push the pinwheel, more quickly it rotates in the direction of thrust.
    You can also choose the image of the background picking it from the "Device Photo Albums".
    The sound effects of wind, of touch with fingers on pinwheel, the sound of rotation of pinwheel makes this software very realistic.

    With "Girandole" Your children will remain enchanted hours in front of beautiful colored pinwheels moving of this program ...
    Have fun !!!

    - Pinwheels simulator
    - Interaction with pinwheel (push the pinwheel with your fingers and the pinwheel will rotate for you !)
    - Wind (automatic rotation of the pinwheel)
    - Realistic Sound Effects
    - Background image can be modified (choose an image from your "Device Photo Albums")

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