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myVibrometer Quick Users Guide

myVibrometer (HD) - Quick User Guide


  1. Introduction to myVibrometer
  2. Recorded accelerations graphs window
  3. Data recording / monitoring / settings window
  4. Send the recorded accelerations with an e-mail, recorded data sharing


ver. 2.0 / 2.1 / 2.2

myVibrometer (HD) - quick user guide (PDF) - EN

myVibrometer (HD) - guida rapida utente (PDF) - ITA



myVibrometer (HD) - FAQ


How to reset "myVibrometer" or "myVibrometer HD" workspace DB:
if problems occur when You start "myVibrometer" app:
- connect the device with the USB cable to the iTunes software (Mac or PC)
- using iTunes, select your device (left)
- select "App" (top)
- select "myVibrometer" or "myVibrometer HD" (bottom left - scroll down the iTunes "App" page)
- delete all the files in the "Documents" pane of "myVibrometer" or "myVibrometer HD" (bottom right)
- start "myVibrometer" or "myVibrometer HD"


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