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Home Medical Basal Body Temperature Calculator
Basal Body Temperature Calculator

Basal Body Temperature Calculator

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Calculator is a program that helps women in the writing, understanding and archiving (for future reference) of diagrams that illustrate the evolution over the time of their basal body temperature (measured near vaginal area upon waking, before getting out of bed). The resulting diagram is very useful for estimating the days of ovulation and may therefore be a useful tool to identify the fertile period. The available medical documentations, even on the internet, explains in greater detail the utility of managing this type of information/diagrams.
The informations computed by the BBT diagram:
- will help you to know your health, menstrual and fertile phases
- allows you to live sexuality with more serenity
With probabilistic prediction, you'll know when You can try to conceive a child or when avoid becoming pregnant.

- Daily registration of the basal body temperature values, state of health, menstrual period, the relative level of bleeding, fever, sex
- Archive an infinite number of diagrams in the years
- View the status of fertility (days with high probability of conception)
- Indication of the probability of pregnancy in cases of sex
- Prediction of the date of the new menstrual cycle
- Graphical display of the diagrams of the basal body temperature (including the information described above)
- Zoom and pan of the diagrams
- Ability to save the diagrams of the BBT in the "Photo Album"
- Ability to send the diagrams of the BBT via e-mail

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