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calculatorX2 is a double calculator "D.A.L." (Direct Algebraic Logic): STANDARD (portrait orientation) and SCIENTIFIC (landscape orientation). Using the input method "D.A.L." the precedence of mathematical operators is taken into account by the calculator and you can then insert the various formulas, calculations, etc ... using the same way of when you write on a sheet of paper: the calculator will do the rest, giving the right priority to the mathematical operators, parentheses or functions.
Particularly suitable for complex and simple calculations, suitable for all those who wish to have an interface "simple" and "accessible".

Input method:
- D.A.L. (Direct Algebraic Logic)

Types of calculator:
- STANDARD (portrait orientation)
- SCIENTIFIC (landscape orientation)

Graphics of the calculator:
- customizable: you can choose between 6 themes available (included in the app)

App type:


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