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Chiodini Painting

Chiodini Painting HD

Chiodini Painting is a famous table game based on the inclusion of colored tacks in the appropriate spaces provided in the "perforated board" for realizing figures/drawings/images.

With "Chiodini Painting" you can draw what you want or by entering freely 2500 possible tacks or using a photo (semitransparent) and applying the tacks over it.

For example, you can:

1) Choose an image from your "Photo Album" (you can choose all the photos you've saved on the device - if you want you can also use "Finger Painting" to design the background images)

2) Use colored tacks over the image (choosing the colored tacks with the same colors of the background image)

3) Remove the background image and save / print / send with an email your painting


1) 2500 tacks (colors selectable from color palette)

2) Automatic saving of the current painting

3) TIME MACHINE: with the ability to go back in time from the last to the first changes (also in the subsequent sessions of using the program)

4) Automatic loading at boot of the last painting (current painting)

5) Pan, Zoom (to increase the details or the view or move the view in the painting area)

6) Save design as JPG

7) Ability to send work via email

8) Draw in full-screen mode

9) Orientation: Portrait e Landscape

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