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Filters is an application for the calculation of electronic filters for the construction of speaker systems. The program automatically calculates the values of electronic components (inductors, capacitors) of electronic filters depending by the desired speaker impedance and the cutoff frequency. The software can calculate and design the circuits (filters) for high, medium, low, sub woofer, etc... first and second order. Once calculated the filter’s circuit the app will automatically design for You the frequency and phase diagrams (Bode plots).

Build the speakers of your dreams with "Filters"!

- Automatic calculation of the electronic components of the filters for high, medium, low, sub woofers etc...
- Display of frequency and phase diagrams (Bode plots) for the calculated values of the circuit’s electronic components
- Display electronic circuit’s schema (filter)
- Complete theory for formulas/circuits for all the filters implemented in "Filters"


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