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Finger Painting Animator

Finger Painting Animator

Finger Painting Animator is a program designed to create 2D animations and movies in an extremely simple manner.
The procedure for the creation of the movie is as follows:
1) Start a new project (by assigning it a name)
2) Load a background image (if desired)
3) Draw the scene to be animate with your fingers (using the tools provided: freehand drawing, color filling, airbrush, transparency, brushes with variable width, CAD tools such as line, grid, etc...)
4) Specify the scene duration (each scene can have a different duration) and save the scene 1 (keyframe 1)
5) Switch to the scene 2, edit the scene 1 using the editing tools provided (ZOOM, PAN, SCALE, ROTATE, COPY, TRANSFORM, JOIN CONTROL POINTS, MOVE, DELETE, MODIFY COLOR, WIDTH, TRANSPARENCY, etc…) or add new elements or characters to the scene and save the scene 2 (keyframe 2)
5) Create all necessary keyframes for your movie (2D animation: N 2D animation scenes, N keyframes)
6) Start the graphics engine to create the 2D animation movie: the software will automatically create the intermediate frames (inbetweens) interpolating and animating (tweening) the control vertices of the drawn keyframes (keyframing) and adding fades where needed.

Also they are available the functions:
- "MOVIE MAKER" that allows you to generate video .MP4 or .MOV exportable in the Photo Album of the device, usable with other installed applications (eg. “iMovie" ... for example "Finger Painting Animator" can be used to create new transitions for iMovie, also using handwritten animated text or drawings or small films superimposed on an image or a keyframe)
- "PLAY" to visualize the created 2D animation movie (starting from any desired frame of the movie)
- "FRAME BY FRAME" to display all the images of the movie (with the intermediate images, automatically generated from the graphics engine)
- "LOAD AND ADD BACKGROUND MUSIC" to add a soundtrack to the movie
- "SHARE PHOTOFRAMES" to copy all the JPG images (frames) of the 2D animation (movie) on your Mac or PC, using "iTunes File Sharing"
- "SHARE MOVIE" to copy the generated movie file .MP4, and/or .MOV on your Mac or PC, using "iTunes File Sharing"
- "REMOTE SHARING" to share all the created multimedia content with DROPBOX, iCloud Drive, Facebook, etc ...

Simply create your movies with "Finger Painting Animator".

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