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Finger3D Quick Users Guide

Finger3D Video Tutorials and Quick Users Guide




ver. 3.0 / 4.0





  1. Introduction to Finger3D (HD)
  2. User settings and Primitives for object modelling in 3D World
  3. Save your model into Finger3D (HD) Project Archives
  4. Save your work as OBJ file and send it to friends with an email
  5. Import OBJ files automatically
  6. Reset Finger3D (HD) Workspace
  7. Sharing Models with another Device
  8. Use OBJ file in commercial MAC or PC modeller software


ver. 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0

Finger3D & Finger3D HD Quick Users Guide - ENGLISH PDF



From Finger3D / Finger3D HD to Finger3D PRO

From Finger3D PRO to Finger3D / Finger3D HD



iTunes File Sharing - Help





Finger3D is compatible with wavefront .obj 3D models libraries. You can find and download them from the web.

For example:

Finger3D (HD): compatible 3D "obj" models - web link

You can use for example the app "megaDownloader Web Browser (HD)" to download the obj models, unzip them, store them in the device memory, share them with Finger3D (HD) app (import and merge them with the current Finger3D (HD) 3D model):

  • using "megaDownloader Web Browser (HD)" app, tap on the desired 3D object ( from Finger3D (HD): compatible 3D "obj" models - web link )
  • wait the end of the download (see the download status in the megaDownloader Web Browser "Downloads" window)
  • when the download is complete, tap on the "<model>.zip" file (downloaded file)
  • press the "Unzip" button and wait a few minutes (until the end of unpacking procedure)
  • explore the extracted <3DModels> folder tapping on the <3DModels> folder and/or its subfolders
  • tap the .png files to see the models preview
  • to import the 3D models into Finger3D (HD): tap on .mtl file (if it exists), press "Open In" button, choose Finger3D (HD), come back to megaDownloader Web Browser (HD) app, tap on .obj file (start from here if the .mtl file does not exists), press "Open In" button, choose Finger3D (HD)

"3DModels" direct download web link (all the 3D models are created by Sweet Home 3D contributors and are property of eTeks, © Copyrights 2006-2013  - All rights reserved).



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