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ME MIDI Sampler

ME MIDI Sampler

ME MIDI Sampler turns your device into a sampler for professional audio special effects.
Will be able to:
- Create a polyphonic keyboard with 84 voices and a maximum of 84 different sound effects on the same keyboard (you can assign any key on the keyboard to a different audio sample)
- Save the configuration of the keyboard + audio special effects in infinite sound banks (BANKS) loadable and usable in real time (each bank can hold up to a maximum of 84 different audio samples)
- Have infinite keyboards for special effects (each saved on a BANK)
- Receive MIDI messages from an external MIDI keyboard or MIDI sequencer and play the corresponding audio special effects (manually or automatically)
- Turn any MIDI keyboard (MIDI keyboard controller) in one or more banks of special audio effects

The application is simple and immediate...
You can:
- Immediately play the default bank containing 39 special audio effects that come with the application itself
- Import audio samples from the device’s music library and assign them to the desired keys on your MIDI keyboard
- Create Your own banks using a standard wave editor (such as Audacity)
- Download new banks and assign them to MIDI keyboard

To create a new keyboard sound effects (BANK):
1) record the audio special effects (using the record button of "ME MIDI Sampler") or create it using any wave editor for Mac or PC (such as Audacity).
Audio sample formats supported by "ME MIDI Sampler":
- MP3
- Apple Lossless (M4A)
- Core Audio Format (CAF)
2) import the audio samples recorded or created on your device:
- Through synchronization (using the iTunes software for Mac or PC)
- Using "iTunes File Sharing"
3 ) import audio samples using the "IMPORT" button and assign them to the 84-key MIDI keyboard by pressing the "WAVEFORM" button of each key on the MIDI keyboard (You can assign a different audio sample for every key on the MIDI keyboard).
At this point you can play live your special effects (polyphonic keyboard up to a maximum of 84 voices, 84 special effects for each BANK). You can adjust the sample start time, volume, pitch bender, sustain pedal, etc... for each audio sample that You have assigned to the keys of your MIDI keyboard.
You can also use together the virtual MIDI keyboard displayed on the screen of the device (MULTITOUCH) and/or any external MIDI sequencer or MIDI keyboard connected to your device using:
- IRig MIDI adapter
- A camera connection kit + MIDI to USB adapter (Apple compatible - generally used to connect an external MIDI keyboard to a Mac or PC)
- MIDI adapters compatible with Apple devices

They are also compatible
- iRig KEYS
- External MIDI keyboards over Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
- Standard MIDI keyboards

The configuration of the multiple special effects created and assigned to the MIDI keyboard can be saved in a new BANK, in the archive of the BANKS of "ME MIDI Sampler" (infinite BANKS can be saved in the database, until the end of the physical memory of the device). The BANKS previously saved can be loaded and used in real time during live performances.

With "ME MIDI Sampler" You will have:
ME: Multiple Effects
MIDI: a MIDI expander for special effects capable of receiving MIDI signals from external devices and turn them into sounds (the application is also able to filter out unwanted MIDI IN messages)
Sampler: an audio sampler to create, edit and play Your audio samples in real-time

- You pay only once and run on all your devices

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