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myGyroscope is a tool for measuring (in real time) the rotation rate, the angles roll/pitch/yaw, the navigation data, like a real gyroscope + satellite navigation system (GPS).
Activating the "recording" function "myGyroscope" will save on a file:
- the instantaneous values ​​of the rotation rate around the axes X,Y,Z (using the device's internal gyroscope)
- the roll, pitch, yaw angles (using the device's internal gyroscope)
- the minimum and maximum values ​​of the angular velocities recorded, and the total angular rotation
- the orientation data (using the device's internal compass)
- the navigation data (using the internal GPS receiver)
- the timestamp for each recorded data (using the device's internal clock)
The recorded data are displayed graphically by the instrument with the ability of filtering for unwanted components and the ability to save the visualized diagrams in the "Photo Album" of the device (as a JPG image).
Using the zoom/pan function you can view, save and send by e-mail just a detail of interest of the visualized diagrams.
All the recorded data are saved in a (UTF8) text file. The text file can be:
- sent using the mail client integrated of "myGyroscope"
- shared and imported in a common analysis software for MAC / PC (ex. Numbers, Excel, Text Editor, etc. ...) using "iTunes File Sharing" or "Open In"

- Measurement of the rotation rate
- Measurement of the roll, pitch, yaw angles
- Recording for orientation and navigation for each measurement of rotation rate around the three axes X,Y,Z
- Calculation of the total angular rotation
- Calculation of the minimum and maximum rotation rate around the axes X,Y,Z
- Data is recorded on a text .csv file (UTF8 - the data recorded are " ; " delimited character)
- Georeferenced recorded data
- Graphs of the recorded rotation rate around the axes X,Y,Z
- Zoom and pan for the visualized diagrams
- Ability to save the visualized diagrams in the "Photo Album" of the device
- Ability to send by e-mail or share, using "iTunes File Sharing" or "Open In", the recorded data
- Filters for diagrams (the graphs can be filtered to better view only the desired data)
- ALARM for excessive rotation rate with adjustable threshold and alarm sound
- Continuous recording with adjustable time window: from the last 5 seconds to the last 30 minutes ("myGyroscope" will erase automatically the oldest data)
- DATE and TIME recording for each recorded data (timestamp)
- The recorded rotation rate, roll, pitch, yaw, orientation, navigation data and the corresponding date / time (for each recorded value) will be saved in a text file ".csv" (" ; " delimited character)
- Function "CALIBRATE" for the calibration of the measuring instrument
- "ITunes File Sharing": all the recorded data ​​can be copied to MAC / PC using iTunes software
- "Open In" to share recorded data (.csv file UTF8) with dropbox or other installed apps
- Reltime graphical preview (full screen) for the recorded values (during measurement)
- Static graphical preview (full screen) for the instantaneous values ​​recorded (for analysis)
- AirPrint to print the visualized diagrams directly with "myGyroscope" app (with ink-saving function)

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