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Pedometer and Speedometer

Pedometer and Speedometer

Pedometer and Speedometer is an inertial navigation system for people. The instrument measures the movements of the people that wear it (the measurement is independent from the device orientation),  calculates the energy consumed, distance traveled, current speed, average speed and travel time from the moment you turn on the instrument. Useful for measuring energy consumption and physical performance in terms of duration and speed. Being an inertial navigation system does not need GPS to calculate the speed. Therefore is able to provide this value even in enclosed places where no GPS satellite is reachable (eg gymnasium, underground, underwater, gallery, etc ...)

- Calculation of steps
- Calculation of energy consumed (kJ or kcal) as a function of weight (kg or lb) of the person using the tool
- Calculation of the speed of movement
- Calculation of average speed of movement
- Calculation of travel time
- Calculation of the traveled distance
- Measures are independent from the orientation of the device

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