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Home Game RoundPairs


RoundPairs is a timed skill game where you have to choose flying objects of the same shape or the same color, touching them with your fingers while moving across the sky in three dimensions.
With "RoundPairs" you get the feeling of flying in wonderful surreal atmospheres, surrounded by music and soothing sounds and engaging.
To get them through the levels you'll have to be faster than the time that will flow incessantly and fastest of the objects that will fly faster and faster in the multicolored skies; sometime special items will help you... but all the while maintaining what is the real aim of the game: free your mind and make you spend moments of relaxation.

The world of "RoundPairs" is waiting.

- Multi-touch game
- 11 amazing soundtracks
- Special effects
- 10 levels (+ 1 final special level)
- Relaxing effect

Select flying pairs with the same shape or color

1. Touch with one finger: select/deselect a flying object (the selected object will be highlighted by a white rect)
2. Drag one finger on the screen: deselect all the selected objects
3. Touch with two fingers: deselect all the selected objects / select together two flying objects

1. Yellow stars: tap on them and all the flying objects in the sky will disappear and will become game score
2. Red stars: tap on them to recharge your energy

1. Increase: if pairs with the same shape or color are selected
2. Increase: if a yellow star is selected
3. Decrease: with time
4. Decrease: if wrong pairs are selected

when you lost all the energy

when you will reach the end of all the game levels

1. Game menu
2. Game pause
3. Resume game

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