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sheetsManager HD is a Apple Numbers e Microsoft Excel file reader (.numbers, .xls, .xlsx).
With "sheetsManager HD" you will have the opportunity to:
1) save all your documents in your mobile device (like You do with an external hard disk)
2) display the documents in any times and under all working conditions
The software does not need an internet connection: each document is stored in the mobile device (using the technology "iTunes File Sharing" or "Open In") and can be read by the software itself.
The documents reader works as the integrated image viewer of the device, you can then:
- ZOOM IN / ZOOM OUT the document by dragging two fingers on the screen
- Move the document (PAN TOOL) by dragging a finger across the screen
- Reset the current settings of zoom and pan with a double-touch
- Turn the page by moving the current page with a finger
- Load documents (from the archive of sheetsManager HD; documents are displayed in alphabetical order into the "Documents Archive" of "sheetsManager HD")
- Save an infinite number of documents in the "Documents Archive" of "sheetsManager HD" (until the physical memory of the device is ended)
- You can display documents using Portrait or Landscape orientation

Files sharing:
- Share Your documents (send/receive) with dropbox or other installed applications

- Send the documents stored in the archive with an email
- Import, store in the archive and visualize the email attachments

Sharing examples:
1) "iTunes Files Sharing":
- connect Your device to a MAC or PC and run iTunes software
- tap on your device name (left on the screen) and after on the App tab (upper in the screen)
- select the app name "sheetsManager HD" (lower left in the screen)
- drag Your files into the Documents area of the app (lower right on the screen)
The file will be automatically stored in the sheetsManager documents archive.
2) "Open In":
- Using an app installed on Your device such as Safari, Mail, dropbox, etc… tap a document (or a document file attached to an email or a document file web link), press on "Open In" button and choose "sheetsManager HD" from the list.
The file will be automatically stored in the app documents archive.

Print system:
- AirPrint: print Your documents using the application's print button

- Retina display supported

With "sheetsManager HD" you will always have and everywhere all your documents!


*** See also: iTunes File Sharing - Help ***


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