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Stroboscope turns your iPhone / iTouch in:
1) strobe-light (regular or multi-light effect)
2) psychedelic light
3) torch for the night
4) light for the SOS
4) an alarm clock (indicating the time and date)

The strobe flash rate is adjustable using the speed control just like in real strobe light lamps.
In Multi-light modality the flashes color of the strobe-lamp will change over time.
Amaze your friends in clubs, at parties, at night with the effects of light flickering.

Stroboscope can also be used as a torch in the night to help users in low light conditions, as emergency lamp (SOS) or psychedelic light.
The TORCH uses the "CAMERA FLASH LIGHT", if it is available.

Stroboscope can be used as a common alarm clock with date and time:
1) Program the alarm (Stroboscope will automatically go into night mode - light "off" - clock time, date and alarm time "on")
2) At the hour of alarm Stroboscope will emit an alarm sound (touch the screen to turn off the alarm - the sound will stop automatically after 120 seconds) and will automatically turn on the lamp of the torch to light the bedroom and facilitate the awakening
3) The alarm clock runs also if the application and the device are shutdown (it uses the notification system with an "old alarm clock" sound effect)

- Strobe light
- Strobe frequency control
- Emergency lamp shutdown
- Every color of the lamp can be chosen
- Sequential Multi light mode
- Psychedelic lights function
- Emergency lamp (SOS)
- Fullscreen lamp light
- Multicolor torch
- Alarm clock with time and date
- Barometer

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