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djSampler turns your device into a sampler for professional composers, musicians and DJs. Just record a single sound / voice / special effect "LA notes," using the djSampler recording button (to record a sound, the software uses the internal microphone of the device) or import the sound into the device through synchronization (using the iTunes software for Mac or PC) or using copy / paste using the technology "iTunes File Sharing".
After importing the single sound, djSampler will create for you the whole scale of sounds and assign them to the 8 octaves djSampler keyboard; at which point you can play your instrument live or entertain your friends with a scale of special effects.
The software is able to read the common audio files (WAV, MP3, CAF, etc. ...) so you can create your own sound (you only need one audio file) using standard wave editor for Mac or PC, djSampler will create automatically your musical instrument.
You can also import a song from the iTunes library to the device and by controlling "SAMPLE START POSITION" You can select a sound by extracting it from the song you have imported: djSampler will automatically create the complete musical instrument for You.

With djSampler you can record or manually create the sound you want and you can transform your device into any musical instrument you want !

- Import a sound and djSampler will automatic generate the instruments (8 octaves)
- Storing infinite sounds using the archive of sound "Samples Archive" of djSampler
- Double keyboard to play live (24 + 24 keys)
- Control for increase / decrease the keyboard octave (usable in real time, independent for each keyboard) 
- "Bending" control to change the sound in real time
- "Sample Start Position" control:
you can remove the initial part of a sample (for example the silence) by specifying the start time instant of the sample (CUT FEATURE)
- "Sustain Pedal" control
- Multi voices keyboard (up to 96 voices)
- Default "GRAND PIANO" sample
- "Recording" possibility for musical patterns during live performances:
starting the recording, djSampler records an audio file containing the music played with the keyboard (press a keyboard key, after recording, to listen your live performance)

Update history:

Version Number: 1.2
* iOS 5.1 with retina display supported
* Fixed .mp3 file import from the device's music library (for iOS 5.1)
* Ability to share using "Open In" (IN) .mp3, .m4a, .caf files format

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