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Finger3D PRO

Finger3D PRO

Finger3D PRO is a 3D modeler for Your MAC.
With "Finger3D PRO” you can design all Your ideas in a 3D virtual reality world and explore them using the 3D and 2D views or the first-person view.
You can create any type of 3D objects such as cars, buildings, environments, landscapes, cities, floor plans, furniture, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, mechanical parts, games, etc...
Starting from the basic three-dimensional geometric primitives (spheres, cylinders, cones, cubes, planes, surfaces, discs, curves, etc...) you can model them by moving their faces or their vertices, scale, move, rotate, deform, add new vertices / faces, merge together many objects, etc...
You can manage the parameters for lighting (eg. lamp position), materials (eg. material’s color, textures), the object transparency, etc...
You'll be able to model or observe the 3D world You made using the 3D view, the top view (Y UP - front and back), right view (X UP - front and back), frontal view (Z UP - front and back) and first person view (NAVIGATION MODE).
Using the NAVIGATION MODE You will have the sensation of being inside the model you made:
- You will be able to move freely in all directions in the virtual world of Finger3D PRO
- in each position reached by You, You can observe in all directions of the 3D space
it will be how to move in a realistic 3D game!
You can apply textures to objects and instantly see them in the NAVIGATION mode, using the highest texture quality and without having to wait more time for rendering.
Useful for all types of design: for Engineers (IT, mechanical, electronic, chemical), Architects (design and rendering), Chemical (design of molecules), Astronauts, Astronomers, Designers, Directors, Videogamers, Biologists, Interior Designers, etc...

Finger3D PRO is designed to work also together with FingerCAD PRO: You can model in a 3D world a 2D CAD design, apply textures to the 3D model, explore it with the first-person view (3D CAD VIRTUAL REALITY) and create realistic images using the rendering procedure.

Show your ideas in the virtual world of Finger3D PRO before You build them in the real world!

0) CHARACTER MODELING using BACKGROUND IMAGES (Xup, Yup, Zup background images)
1) MODELING by moving the mouse and dragging the selected vertices / faces
2) MODELING by using the ball or cylindrical pointers
3) SCALE, ROTATE, MOVE (freely or along the three axes X, Y, Z)
4) SMOOTH: useful to draw mountains
5) SUBDIVIDE: dividing one or more faces in 4 or more faces each
6) EXTRUDE: extrusion perpendicular or oblique for faces or vertices (extrusion direction: from the center of the selected face to the center of the three-dimensional pointer, along the three axes X, Y, Z, to a generic distance)
7) VLINK: merge the vertices selected by the three-dimensional pointer, in the center of the pointer itself (useful for making spikes, beaks of animals, front parts of aircraft, wings, etc...)
13) REVOLVE "BASE FACE" (to create characters with a single click)
14) 3D and 2D views (Xup, Yup, Zup - front and back views), first-person view
18) RENDERING: generate a JPG or PNG image using the current view "render what you see"
20) Ability to apply textures of all types (photo .jpg or .png) to the faces of the 3D model, with the ability to repeat the texture and choose different texture resolutions for each face of the 3D model
21) 3D graphics built using OpenGL
22) Ability to print the 3D model and / or export it in PDF file format (print to PDF)
23) IMPORT/EXPORT in the OBJ+MTL file format (to share 3D models for example with Blender, Maya 3D, DROPBOX, etc…)
24) Ability to merge many projects into one project

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