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Finger3D HD turns your device into a three-dimensional modeler, the smallest and portable existing 3D modeler.
With "Finger3D HD" you can create any shape/object/3D model, modeling the shapes with the fingers of your hands.
To create Your 3D MODEL, You will have the 3D geometric primitives (spheres, cylinders, cones, cubes, planes, surfaces, discs, curves, etc...) typically used in the commercial 3D modelers for the PC or MAC.
You can manage the parameters for lighting (eg. lamp position), material (eg. material’s color, textures), the object transparency, etc...
You can navigate the 3D WORLD using the fingers of your hands; you can use the 3D view, the top view (Y UP), right view (X UP), frontal view (Z UP).
You can explore the 3D WORLD using the first person view (NAVIGATION MODE).
You can model the objects in the 3D WORLD, scale, rotate, move the vertices dragging Your fingers on the screen or use the blue 3D ball pointer to select/move objects/vertices/faces.
You can quickly locate the pointer in the 3D space by writing the X, Y, Z coordinates, using the “pointer move” buttons (along the axes X, Y, Z).
The size of the objects can be defined, during insertion, with the "POINTER RADIUS" control or using the scale feature (in editing mode).
With "POINTER RADIUS" you can select one or more vertices/objects/faces; increasing the size of the "POINTER RADIUS" You can select multiple components.

Instruments for the 3D modeling:
1) MODEL with fingers: move the touched vertices by dragging Your finger on the screen
2) SUBDIVIDE: divide one or more faces into 4 or more faces for each face
3) EXTRUDE: extrusion perpendicular or oblique for faces or vertices (extrusion direction: from the center of the selected face to the center of the 3D pointer or along the three axes X,Y,Z)
4) SMOOTH: useful for the creation of mountains
5) VLINK: move the vertices in the center of the 3D pointer (useful to create arrows, beaks of animals, aircraft, wings, etc...)
7) COPY MIRROR (respect the chosen axis or along it)
12) REVOLVE "BASE FACE" (to create people with one click)
13) MOVE
14) 3D and 2D views

The model may be manually or automatically saved for later use, exported to OBJ+MTL format and then be sent via e-mail or loaded in the common 3D modelers for the PC o MAC (ex. Maya 3D, Blender, etc...).

RENDERING: the generated JPG/PNG image according to the policy "render what you see" will be saved in the device’s photo album (can be sent by e-mail if necessary).


The “Projects Archive” allows storing, management, loading and merging projects.

You can see the model in all its parts, activating the animation.

The ability to apply textures photographed (with the camera of the device) to the 3D model will give you the feeling of working with real 3D models.

The 3D graphics has been fully implemented using OpenGL, with the graphic acceleration used for the PC games.

Useful for all types of use: for Engineers (computer, mechanical, electrical, chemical), Architects (eg. design and rendering), Chemicals (ex. design of molecules), Astronauts, Astronomers, Designers, Filmmakers, Gamers, Biologists, Interior Designers, etc...

Finger3D has been designed to work well together to FingerCAD: You can model in a 3D WORLD the design started with a 2D CAD, apply textures to the 3D model, explore the CAD design using the first person view (3D CAD VIRTUAL REALITY NAVIGATION feature), create realistic images using the rendering procedure.


Version Number: 1.1
- Possibility to change the material properties for selected objects
- Undone for model editing (undo model change)
- iTunes File Sharing
- Import feature for "FINGER3D.obj" file (load also for FingerCAD (HD) exported .OBJ 3D files)
OBJ files IMPORT procedure:
1) connect your device to MAC and open iTunes software
2) into iTunes, click on your device --> applications
3) click, below in the iTunes Applications window, on Finger3D (HD) --> you can see the files contained in the Document folder of Finger3D
4) rename the obj file that you have to import: FINGER3D.obj (case sensitive)
5) drag "FINGER3D.obj" file into the document folder of Finger3D (into iTunes - see point 3)
6) run Finger3D software --> the file FINGER3D.obj (your model) will be detected and imported automatically
7) save your imported model
8) open "Finger 3D Archive Management" to save the imported model into Finger3D PROJECTS Archive

Version Number: 1.2
- FingerCAD .OBJ 2D files import procedure fixed:
1) the model imported from FingerCAD .OBJ 2D files can be visualized in EDIT ON (model structure view) by Finger3D
2) for example you can extrude imported 2D model (or part of it) to create desired 3D model
- Better RENDERING procedure
- Memory for light position and color/transparency settings
- Revolve 3D tool (revolve around X and/or Y and/or Z axis)
- Revolve 3D "BASE FACE" tool (around X and/or Y and/or Z axis): "create people with 3 click"
- Better Undone for vertexes editing (UNDONE FOR EDIT ON)
- Background color change tool (modify background color whenever you want)
- COPY/PASTE tool for selected objects
- Transparent 3D pointer
- Rotate/Scale all selected objects grouped together (it maintains the selected objects relative positions)
- Load model procedure fixed
- Documentation/Tutorial button

Version Number: 1.3
- New COPY selected objects
- New MIRROR COPY for selected object (regard X or Y or Z axes ; constant height)
- New MIRROR COPY for selected object (along X or Y or Z axes)
- Better SMOOTH procedure
- Better DIVIDE algorithm (fixed divide algorithm bug in case of multiple vertexes selection)
- New "Delete Selected Face" procedure. It remove also selected vertexes or selected face
- Better REVOLVE procedure
- New "REVOLVE SPIN" procedure
- Better vertexes visualization during vertexes modeling/moving (EDIT: ON)
- New SELECT ALL feature (dragging pointer radius slider control to maximum value --> SELECT ALL ON)
- FACE EDITING AUTO SWITCH (by selecting center of a face)
1) In FACE EDIT ON the selected face center virtual vertex (color light blue) will be visualized
2) In FACE EDIT ON the user can ERASE, DIVIDE, EXTRUDE only selected faces, etc…

Version Number: 1.31 & 1.32
- iOS 4.2
- New optimized .OBJ file import procedure (supports great file dimension)
- .OBJ file import procedure fixed for .OBJ files exported by MAYA3D (faces with 3 vertexes)
- Full .OBJ files import support
- New 3D workspace grid scaling (Finger3D have now a start view scale like the 3D common modeler for PC)
- More accurate movement for the "3D pointer"
- More accurate movement into 3D space
- New erase tool for selected vertexes or for the face:
1) If face is selected (selecting the center of a face) --> erase the face
2) if all the vertexes of a face is selected --> erase the face
3) if not all the vertexes of the face are selected --> remove only the selected vertexes
With this feature You can for example:
1) erase one vertex of a 3D object face --> obtain a triangular face (face described by 3 vertexes) for that face
2) erase two vertexes of a 3D object face --> obtain a line (defined by 2 vertexes) for that face
3) erase three vertexes of a 3D object face --> obtain a vertex for that face
4) erase four vertexes of a 3D object face --> erase that face
You can use all the Finger3D feature with the obtained triangular face, with the line or the vertex as for example the revolve tool, revolve "spin" tool, revolve "base face" tool, extrude tool, move, copy, copy mirror, scale, rotate, etc...
- VERTEXES EDITING/MODELING or FACE EDITING/MODELING control (with this control You can work in "vertexes editing/modeling" or "face editing/modeling" mode)
- Better and more accurate faces normals calculations during objects modeling
- New EXTRUDE tool (extrude direction: from barycentre of the selected vertexes/faces to the center of 3D pointer)
- Better UNDONE procedure

Version Number: 1.33
* .OBJ Projects Archive added:
1) store all your OBJ 3D models into Finger3D "Documents" folder using "iTunes File Sharing"
2) open "OBJ Projects Archive", select an OBJ model, import and merge it with current project (You can merge two or more OBJ projects with current project workspace)
* Graphics acceleration (also for great model): supports for multiple core CPUs
* DROPBOX / iDisk integration:
1) READ remotely stored OBJ files:
- read, modify, save (into "Finger3D project archive") obj files stored on DROPBOX or iDisk server: You can open obj file with Finger3D directly from the DROPBOX or iDisk client for iTouch/iPhone/iPad (FREE) clicking on the "open in" button in the DROPBOX or iDisk client and choose Finger3D --> the chosen obj file will be opened automatically by Finger3D (you can also merge more than one obj files into the current workspace importing them one after the other from DROPBOX or iDisk - Finger3D will work in background). It works like the "Finger3D OBJ Archive" but the archive is saved into the DROPBOX or iDisk server
2) UPLOAD modified OBJ:
You can now upload obj files (read from Finger3D archive, DROPBOX or iDisk servers, E-MAIL, WEB LINK and modified with Finger3D itself) to DROPBOX or iDisk servers:
load obj file created by your friend, modify it, save it where you want, copy modified obj file into a DROPBOX or iDisk shared folder and your friend will have your version of obj file (all can be done using an internet connection).
* E-MAIL integration:
- read, modify, save (into "Finger3D project archive") obj files from email attachments
* WEB LINK integration:
- read, modify, save (into "Finger3D project archive") obj files directly from an internet link
* "FingerCAD to Finger3D OBJ 3D model direct sharing" - You can now:
1) export .OBJ 3D models directly from FingerCAD project workspace (send it by an e-mail)
2) receive the OBJ model with "Mail" software (the device integrated mail client)
3) open the OBJ model directly with Finger3D program (Finger3D can read the e-mail attachment; all can be done with the device using an internet connection)

Version Number: 1.35
* CHARACTER MODELING feature using new IMAGES BACKGROUND LOADER/EXPLORER or using default file name for images background: "xup.jpg" , "yup.jpg" , "zup.jpg" images (side, upper, front images) for Xup, Yup, Zup views:
- draw character 3 images (front image, side image, upper image, for example using Finger Painting Animator)
- save the images as 512x512 jpg images
- load images into the "Documents" folder of Finger3D software (using "iTunes Files Sharing")
- in Xup, Yup, Zup views move 3D objects vertexes with your finger over the loaded character images background
- extrude vertexes and model vertexes with your finger over the loaded character images background
* New EXTRUDE routine (create Your characters using infinite face extrude and single side of a face extrude routines)
* New Cylinder pointer for X UP, Y UP, Z UP view (model 3D objects with the movement of Your finger in vertexes editing and in faces editing)
* X , Y , Z ball pointer manual position "Clear When Editing Begins" removed (now it maintains the actual position X,Y,Z of the center of the ball pointer when the editing begins)
* New color transparency for objects selected faces (it gives more 3D objects visibility)
* New projects Archive
* New obj Archive
* Ability to specify the obj file name when You send your obj projects files to DROPBOX or iDisk using "Project Name" text field
* OBJ files imported from DROPBOX or iDisk now maintain the original file name (instead of date of import name)
* GROUP and UNGROUP routine for 3D OBJECTS:
for example with UNGROUP new feature user can:
- divide an object into two or more objects and assign a different color to each one (use that for example to create a cube with a different color for each face, etc...)
- divide an object into two or more objects and model each one new object independently (for example divide a sphere into two semi-sphere and rotate/scale only one semi-sphere)
- divide an object with many vertexes into more objects with less vertexes and model each one independently, in a more simple way
- etc…
for example with GROUP new feature user can:
- link two or more objects into only one more complex object and apply to the new complex object the same color or the same transformations
- create a scene with a complexes object, using many little objects (previously designed) and grouped together
- etc...
* Graphics core optimized
* Better zoom feature
* Better OBJ file import routine
* Device orientation supported
* Modeling with fingers bugs fixed
* Minor bug fixed

Version Number: 1.36
* Support for .mtl files (Wavefront material definition for .obj file) for OBJ+MTL import and OBJ+MTL export procedure (to load and save OBJ files with its MTL file)
* Ability to share .obj and .mtl file with DROPBOX, iDisk, iTunes File Sharing, etc…
* Compatibility with Lightwave exported .obj files
* New MIRROR feature (along X, Y, Z axes)
* Memory management optimization
* Transformation multiplier (x1, x5, x30) for: MOVE, SCALE, ROTATE
* More accurate PAN procedure

Version Number: 1.37
* 3D view refresh framerate increased
* BACKFACE CULLING: now it is possible to choose two different type of pointer when Xup, Yup, Zup view are selected:
- Sphere pointer: all the points that are within the sphere cursor are selected and are editable dragging the finger on the screen (works like in the 3D view)
- Cylinder pointer: all the points that are within the circle base of the cylinder (with infinite height) are selected and are editable dragging the finger on the screen (useful for characters modeling using background images)

Version Number: 1.38
* iOS 5 tested version
* Optimization of memory management: I have removed all the memory leak that sometimes are the cause of app auto shutdown
* Rotation buttons added (Xz and Y):
- rotate views
- using that rotation buttons into Xup, Yup, Zup views to see the model in 3D with the features of the 2D view (move the pointer/modeling with finger movement on the screen while You see the model in 3D, like 3D view - Try it specially with the cylinder with infinite height pointer!)
* Front or Back view selector for Xup, Yup, Zup views
* Semitransparent background image plane
* Minor bug fixed

Version Number: 1.39
* Added the ability to load a texture for the sky (JPG and PNG files)
* Added the ability to load a texture for the ground (JPG and PNG files)
* New "background image for character modeling" loading procedure: the background images now can have any dimension (JPG and PNG background image supported)
* New interface: the edit buttons now are removed from the screen when the edit state is off. This gives users a better 3D model visualization
* Increased images quality for the rendering procedures. Now the "anti aliasing" and the "image filters" procedures are used by the rendering procedures to obtain an high quality rendered image (JPG and PNG files)
* Ability to send the rendered images with an email (.jpg and .png files - the images will be automatically attached to the email)
* Added the ability to print the rendered image using AirPrint
* Minor bug fixed

Version Number: 1.40
* New interface
* Support for retina display
* Ability to import in the "Image Explorer Archive" textures (JPG and PNG images) using "Open In" feature

Version Number: 1.41
* iOS 5.1 with retina display supported for the new iPad
* Full screen modeling and visualization
* Rendering HD image
* Minor bug fixed

Version Number: 1.42
* Color palette and color picker added
* Full screen modeling and visualization surface maximized
* Better rendering algorithm for HD image
* Better EXTRUDE routine: extrude_direction: from barycenter of the selected vertexes/faces to the center of 3D pointer; extrude_module=3*(from barycenter of the selected vertexes/faces to the center of 3D pointer)
* Minor bugs fixed

Version Number: 1.43
* iOS 6 tested
* iPhone 5 retina display 4'' full screen mode supported
* High resolution rendering
* Minor bugs fixed

Version Number: 1.44
* Minor bugs fixed for modeling with fingers movement on the screen using Xup, Yup, Zup views

Version Number: 2.0
The aim of this update is to give a more simple and powerful interface, to simplify the modeling of the 3D objects.
Also new features are been added...
* Added:
- new action intensity controls and multipliers (with the ability to set accurate values for all the available transformation / modeling routines, etc…)
- ability to specify the delta X,Y,Z movement distance for the 3D pointer: this gives You the ability to model a 3D object with extreme precision of movement for vertices or faces
- ability to set the 3D pointer position in the center of gravity ("CG" button) of the selected 3D objects (in the center of gravity of the selected vertices or faces of the selected 3D objects)
- ability to close two or more selected vertices with new faces (selecting two or more vertices and pressing the button "NEW FACES")
- scale objects along X or Y or Z axis or ALL with a selectable scaling multiplier value
- move objects along X or Y or Z axis with a selectable distance
- rotate objects around X or Y or Z axis with a selectable angle
- copy objects along X or Y or Z axis at a selectable distance
- revolve objects around X or Y or Z axis with the ability to specify the screw amplitude (or normal revolve using the action intensity control = 0.00)
- revolve spin around X or Y or Z axis with the ability to specify the screw amplitude (or normal revolve spin using the action intensity control = 0.00)
- ability to specify the extrude distance and extrude direction (vector between the center of gravity of the selected vertices/faces of a 3D object and the center of the 3D pointer)
- ability to draw walls by selecting and extruding two vertices of a vertical plane and by specifying the extruded wall length
* Fixed the normals calculation direction for the extruded faces
* New app artworks
* Minor bugs fixed

Version Number: 3.0
* Finger3D was completely revised for iOS 7
* Added the ability to assign a texture to the selected faces of the 3D objects
* The 3D model is displayed using the texture also during the exploration / visualization of the 3D model (to enable or disable the TEXTURE visualization: double tap the screen with two fingers in 3D SPACE mode)
* Added the ability to choose the quality for the texture's image (in pixels) and the ability to “repeat” or “scale to fill” the textures on the selected faces of the 3D objects
* Added the ability to choose the vertical number of texture to apply to the walls exported by FingerCAD (useful for example to draw tiled bathrooms using .jpg and .png images for the textures - photo album's image textures): the horizontal repeat number of textures will be automatically calculated (so, You can scale the model and the system will automatically calculate for You the horizontal repeat number for the textures)
* Added the ability to use semitransparent textures (alpha channel used for the textures)
* Smooth shading for the texture
* New ground texture (You can now set the repeat number for the ground texture and its image quality in pixels)
* New visualization algorithms for the "sky" and "background images" textures (high quality and high visualization performances)
* Added the “image picker for textures” to pick the image for the texture from the device’s photo albums
* New algorithms for the scene illumination, for the color 3D models and for the textures (fixed some bugs of visualization of the colors during zoom out)
* Added a sun light and an adjustable spot light
* Full screen visualization mode
* New face modeling algorithms (fixed some bugs)
* Added the ability to move only the selected part of an object at a certain distance (using the "MOVE+" and "MOVE-" buttons)
* New extrude routines along X, Y, Z axis (with a selectable extrude distance)
FLAT SHADED or WIRED FRAME visualizations:
* Added the FLAT SHADED and WIRED FRAME visualizations for EDIT ON and MODEL ON modes (to choose FLAT SHADED or WIRED FRAME: double tap the screen with two fingers in EDIT ON or MODEL ON modes)
* Fixed many bugs for the calculation of normals for: circle, sphere, cylinder, cone
* Added the undone and redone buttons
OBJ+MTL and TEXTURE archive:
* Added the “OBJ + MTL” and the “TEXTURE” filters
* New ungroup algorithm (optimized and fixed some bugs)
* The source code was optimized to reach high performances for the refresh rate, also when the texture is used for the materials of the 3D objects

Version Number: 4.0
* Added the navigation mode to explore the model using the first person view
* Added Perspective and Orthographic projections
* Landscape mode
* Minor bugs fixed for iOS 9


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