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FingerCAD PRO is the PROFESSIONAL version of FingerCAD, the CAD application for technical drawing with fingers assisted by computer born for portable devices, used by thousands of users all over the world and now available on the Mac OS X.
"FingerCAD PRO" has been completely redesigned to make the use on the Mac extremely simple and fast.
With "FingerCAD PRO" You will be able to quickly draw homes, floor plans, decks, mechanical components, geometrical figures, electronic circuits, anything that can be designed with a CAD application.
The design possibilities with "FingerCAD PRO" are endless and all this using your Mac (and/or Your portable devices).
Useful for engineers, architects, surveyors, designers, students, etc...
The ease of use makes "FingerCAD PRO" immediate.
The "two-way sharing" feature will allow You to start a CAD project with Your Mac and continue it with an iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iTouch, or start a CAD project with an iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iTouch and continue that work with your Mac, without limitations, sharing projects with cloud, email, file sharing, etc…
The final project can be saved on your Mac using standard formats (eg DXF, PDF, OBJ 2D and 3D, FCAD), can be sent by e-mail, shared using the modern cloud systems (ex. Dropbox, iCloud Drive) or printed (also on a PDF file).
The zoom and pan, the customization of the design, the most widely used CAD tools, the ability to insert measures and free text, the auto-save and the ability to continue the design even in subsequent sessions of use (at boot "FingerCAD PRO" will automatically load the project started in the previous session of use), etc... make it truly unique.
Using the "time machine feature of FingerCAD" You will be able to go back in time, removing objects from the last to the first (also in subsequent sessions of work).
The UNDO and REDO tools will help You to restore the previous state, if You do unwanted errors, the editing functions (such as scale, rotate, move, copy, mirror, select, delete selection, transform, move the control points by dragging them on the screen, etc...) will help You to modify the existing designs and model them as You will want.
The "automatic acquisition of nearest snap point" will facilitate the drawing of adjacent graphics objects and the tool "2x - wall" will allow the automatic construction of walls (double line with desired thickness).
You will be able to draw each object with different colors (using the infinite colors available that can be selected using the standard color palette window) or You will be able to fill generic polygonal 3D surfaces using the desired colors (object’s color filling feature).
The transparency (alpha channel) will allow you to draw semi-transparent objects (You can select an infinite number of intensity of transparency).
Using the tool "freehand drawing" You will able to add manual drawings (such as ornamental plants, etc...) or digital signatures.
Using the "area calculation" tool you can calculate the measurement of the area of a generic polygonal 3D surface.
Also, a large DXF collection of CAD objects can be imported in Your projects ("FingerCAD PRO" is compatible with the existing DXF library of objects and with the free DXF library "DXF-PartLibrary" built by the CAD open source community).

- MULTI LAYERS drawing
- DESIGN using MULTI FLOOR PLANS (layers at different heights)
- Preview of the other layers in the current layer
- High precision design
- Export using OBJ (2D and 3D) file format: share your CAD drawings with 3D modeling softwares such as Finger3D, Blender, Maya 3D, etc...
- Export / import of DXF files to / from AutoCAD, QCad, SolidWorks, etc...
- Export the drawing as a PDF file
- Export in the native FingerCAD .FCAD file format (to share Your CAD projects with iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iTouch)
- Conversions of formats:
1) from DXF to OBJ
2) from DXF to PDF
3) from DXF to IMAGE (JPG, PNG)
4) from DXF to FCAD
5) from FCAD to DXF
- File sharing (IN and OUT) with Dropbox, iCloud Drive, etc…
- "FingerCAD PRO 3D VIEWER" to display the 3D model of your project (using colors)
- Print (also to PDF)
- Adjustable grid and snap to grid (also usable during the editing session)
- Measurements (with many selectable units of measure)
- POLYLINE to draw objects linked together
- Resize and rotate
- Mirror
- Mirror a copy
- Extend
- Trim
- Copy (at the desired distance, along the X,Y axes)
- DXF objects part library (architecture, communication, electrical, electronics, mechanical, misc, processing, templates, zipf_libs)
- Full screen design
- Autosave
- Draw over a background image (for example, you can insert measures or lines on a photographed object or draw over the photo)
- Undo / Redo and Time Machine

Press here to watch the FingerCAD PRO video tutorial -> URL:

Press here to download the DXF objects part libraries for FingerCAD PRO.



To reset the factory settings of FingerCAD PRO:

  • Close FingerCAD PRO
  • Open the Terminal app (located in Utilities folder within the Applications folder)
  • Write the command:

rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/com.GianlucaNataliniNGCYBIT.FingerCAD-PRO/

  • Run FingerCAD PRO



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