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tapeRecorder turns your device into an "OLD STYLE" tape recorder / music player.
Useful for:
- Record interviews, lectures at the university, audio notes, live music performances
- Play music stored in your iTunes music library

The software allows:
- To make an infinite number of recordings, each with an endless recording time (professional type - using the device's microphone)
- Saves an infinite number of recordings (subject to availability of physical memory on the device)
- Automatically assigns the current date and time for the title of the recorded audio file (automatic historical archive recording)
- At any time you can load and listen the Your personal recordings
- Using the technology "iTunes File Sharing" all the recordings can be transferred from device to PC or MAC (RECORDING BACKUP)
- Using the technology "iTunes File Sharing" all the recordings can be transferred from the MAC / PC to the device
- Allows to load songs directly from the music library of the device, for listening (MUSIC PLAYER feature for iTunes music library)
- Parallel listening and recording
1) Import music from your iTunes library
2) Press REC
3) Press PLAY
4) Sing over the music playing
RESULTS: music + voice will be recorded on a new audio file (KARAOKE RECORDING feature) and stored in the archive of tapeRecorder
(These steps can be repeated several times to create such choirs or double voices)
- FF and REW tape, slow and fast (pressing FF and REW buttons the tape is rewinded or fast forwarded like in the old cassette recorder)
- Animation for tape reel (simulates the old cassette player for REC, PLAY, FF, fast FF, REW, fast REW)
- Volume control
- Slider control to modify the song playback position (like in the default device player)
- Controls, status display, playback time, level meter (for PLAY and REC), audio clipping leds (for PLAY and REC)
- “OLD STYLE" tape recorder design

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