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tapeRecorder Quick Users Guide

tapeRecorder Quick Users Guide


tapeRecorder Help RecAndPlayControls

1) RECORD an audio file (high quality recording: 44000 Hz , 32 bit , stereo using the device microphone):
press the left RED button "REC" to start recording, press it again to stop recording. The device can record external audio events also when the device is shutdown (with display off - "battery saving" mode) or when You are using another installed app (like for example iWord PRO app, iNotePad PRO app, Pages, etc... - "take notes" mode).

2) PLAY an audio file:
as in the common tape player: play, rew, ff, stop, rew10 (it is the rapid rew), ff10 (it is the rapid ff). Instant "Play -5 seconds" to take handwrite notes of a previously recorded audio conference or University lesson (You can listen the last 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, etc... simply pressing "PLAY -5" button, many times if You need). The device can play a recorded audio file or a loaded iTunes song also when the device is shutdown (display off - "battery saving" mode) or when You are using another app (like in recording mode). Set "PLAY ALL" to ON to listen all the audio files stored in the archive (playlist) one after the other (for example with the display shutdown or when You are walking or running). "PLAY ALL" works also if the device display is shutdown (play a playlist using "battery saving" mode).

The volume can be adjusted using "the circular control with red dot": to set volume You have to rotate it, dragging a finger on the screen (circular movement of the finger) to increase / decrease volume like in the commercial high fidelity audio aplifier.


tapeRecorder Help Import

4) "+" button (up right - Import an audio file from the device's iTunes Songs library):
use it to import songs from the device's music library and save it in the "audio Archive": create Your playlist using the "import" feature. Play Your playlist using the "PLAY ALL" control (shutdown the device display using the power button during "PLAY" to increase the battery duration).


tapeRecorder Help Load

tapeRecorder Help Delete

tapeRecorder Help Rename

tapeRecorder Help Share

5) "audio Archive" button (up left - the recorded audio files <file>.caf and the imported audio files will be stored here after "REC" or "Import from iTunes Songs Library"):
use the tapeRecorder audio Archive to:
- select and load an imported song (from iTunes Songs library) or a previously recorded audio files (to play them using "PLAY" button). After selected and loaded an audio file press the button "Done" and play it pressing the "PLAY" button. If You want to abort the "file selection action" press the button "CANCEL".
- delete recorded audio file: touch the button "Edit" (upper right on the screen), tap the file name You want to delete (press the red circle) and press the button "Delete" to delete the audio file from the Archive (remove an audio file from Your playlist - the file will not be erased from the "iTunes Songs Libary")
- rename a recorded audio file: choose a recorded audio file (touching it with a finger), change the file name in the text field (upper in the screen - tap the white text field to show the device keyboard) and press on the button "RENAME"
- share the selected audio file <file>.caf with dropbox or other installed apps (sharing an audio file to a remote destination or locally in the device memory)


tapeRecorder Help iTunesFileSharing

6) Copy the recorded audio file ( <file>.caf ) from the device to a MAC or PC ( see also: iTunes File Sharing - Help ):
- Connect the device to a MAC or PC using the usb cable
- Run iTunes software on Your MAC or PC
- Click on Your device name (iTunes - left)
- Click on "App" tab (iTunes - up)
- Low left on the screen, select tapeRecorder or tapeRecorder HD (You have to scroll down the iTunes App page - if You do not scroll down You can not see the "iTunes Files Sharing" apps and the "Documents" area). When You select the app (left), right on the screen (in the "Documents" area) You can see Your recorded audio files (<files>.caf)
- Drag the recorded audio files from the "Documents" area (iTunes - low right) to a MAC or PC folder to copy the recorded audio files from Your device to Your MAC or PC (or viceversa)


tapeRecorder Help Encode1

tapeRecorder Help Encode2

7) How can i import the .caf files recorded by tapeRecorder into iTunes app audio files (audio file encoding: .caf -> .mp3 or .caf -> .m4a)?
- copy the tapeRecorder recorded <file>.caf file in Your MAC using "iTunes File Sharing" ( iTunes File Sharing - Help )
- using the "Finder" app on Your MAC, press the mouse right button on the <file>.caf file and choose "Encode Selected Audio Files" from the menu
- choose the format You prefer (like for example "Apple Lossless" --> .m4a --> conversion: .caf -> .m4a --> .m4a files can be imported into iTunes app audio files)
- use Audacity to convert the .m4a to .mp3 (conversion: .m4a -> .mp3 --> .mp3 files can be imported into iTunes app audio files)


*** See also: iTunes File Sharing - Help ***


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